Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Night Moves by Stephanie Tyler

Kell Roberts has walked the thin line between life and death for so long that it now feels like home. He is a soldier, a survivor, and a loner. Still, Kell cannot turn his back on a beautiful woman caught in his firefight against the drug lords of Mexico. She says her name is Teddie, but Kell senses that there's much more to her story and it's about to pull him into a mission he didn't sign on for: keeping her alive.
Teddie Lassiter knows that this lean, mean rescuer just saved her life, but the steel glint behind those soft gray eyes seems to be hiding something deep. The men after Teddie are deadly, but the man who holds her life in her hands and tempts her with his wicked touches even more dangerous. He could make her dream about living and loving again. And if they can survive, maybe, just ,maybe, they can stop fighting the world and each other and simply surrender.
This is book four in the Shadow Force series. The book is about Kell, but Reid is also a part of the book, Ms. Tyler also brings in the other characters from the past books. Kell has some issues, he still feels very guilty as to what happened to his team in the last book. Reid is still upset with him for taking off and feels that Kell still has some major guilt issues. This is the first mission that they have worked on since the last one went so wrong.
Teddie, has been in the Witness protection program since her family was killed and she saw the people who commit the crime. She is bound and determined to make the people responsible pay for what they did. The only issue is they think her father was a bad guy and it really seems that they are not activity persuading things so she takes things into her own hands.
She meets up with Kell and Reid as they are about to take out some major bad guys in Mexico and she is being chased by some bad guys. Kell knocks her down and ends up saving her life. Teddie at first is so unsure about these two men, but realizes if she wants to live she is going have to trust them.
You have a lot going on in this book, not only do you have the Marshall's and bad guys looking for Teddie, Kell and Reid have a very bad guy form Dylan's past wreaking havoc on everything. But Ms. Tyler brings everything together very nicely and the ending leaves you wondering if she is going to write another Shadow Force book about Reid and Grier (she is the US Marshall after Teddie) I would love to see that book!! Reid really needs his own HEA.
Night Moves comes out in November and received this book through my romance group.

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