Thursday, June 30, 2011

One Night, Two Heirs by Maureen Child

This book is from the Texas Cattleman Club series.  Marine Sergeant Rick Pruitt is home on a one month leave.  The last time he was home three years ago, he had a one night fling with the girl of his dreams, Sadie Price, the Prices being the wealthiest family in their small Texas town.  Sadie ends up pregnant, but in keeping with the secret baby theme, tells Rick’s mother, who decides they should not bother Rick with this information because he doesn’t need distractions while fighting in the war in the Middle East. 
The book picks up now, three years later.  The twin girls are about 2 years old, and now the unenviable task falls of Sadie to tell Rick of his children.  Once he gets over his initial shock, he falls in love with the twins and wants nothing more than a chance to be a good father for them.  From the beginning of the book up until the very end, Rick uses every trick in the book to get Sadie to marry him, but the one thing he does not do is offer her love.  A situation that occurred in the Middle East has made him believe there is no such thing as love.  Sadie had a rotten seven month marriage to a suitor chosen by her family,  and this leaves her desiring  love as a reason to marry. 
The Cattleman’s Club is the well to do local hang out, and the women in the story are trying to raise money for remodeling, since they have just recently been allowed in to the old boy’s club.  Entertainment is provided by Sadie’s’ brother and friend Abbey who are constantly at odds with one another over what they each want to see change at the old club.  I am guessing there will be a book about them coming soon. 
When Rick and Sadie do finally get together, they have hot sex.  But the words Sadie longs to hear have yet to be spoken.  Surely Rick can’t be that obtuse all the time, can he?  Read the book and find out!
Rating:    B+ 
EBook provided from NetGalley for review.   

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Savor The Danger

Savor The Danger by Lori Foster
The third book in her Men Who ‘Walk The Edge of Danger” series

What a way to end a series or is it!?!?!?

Jackson has lusted after Trace’s sister Alani since he first met her. And when he finally beds her he doesn’t remember because he was drugged.

Now the mystery is on – who was the woman that Alani saw come out of Jackson’s apartment and drugged him? Who’s life is in danger.

Alani soon finds out that Jackson has a side that she’s never seen before – his kindness to a cat who he ends up adopting, the way he helps an elderly couple.

Jackson tells Alani about how he first met her brother and Dare. He happened to see two traffickers throwing a struggling body over a bridge. Without any thought of danger Jackson attacks the two men, jumps in the river and saves the girl. Dare and Trace are impressed with Jackson and offer him a job.

Jackson named the girl that he saved Arizona and when he finds out what happened to her he takes her into his heart and sends her to college.

Arizona calls Jackson and tells him that someone has been following her and to she’s on her way to Kentucky to meet him.

The storyline with who the villain is and what happens in my opinion is what this story is about.

Jackson is a kinda love em and leave kind of guy who gets blindsided when it comes to Alani. He’s never felt like this before – I did have one problem with him – he was always lusting after her even in front her brother and Trace.

We also get to know more about Arizona and Spencer the bounty hunter who was on the same mission as her. I’m hoping that Ms. Foster writes a story for them.

All in all I enjoyed this book – it was great to see Chris, Priscilla and Molly again. I just wish there was a little more action.


ebook received from Net Galley for a honest review.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Creed's Legacy (Creed Cowboys 3)

This is the latest in Linda Lael Miller's Montana Creed series.

This book is about Brody Creed -- the restless bad boy, or is he? (from the book blurb)

Brody has been on the rodeo circuit for years and now is finally home to settle down for good.

Carolyn has been trying to find a home since her mother left her when she was a little girl. She was then raised in a series of foster homes. To me she is very insecure and sometimes very immature.

Both Brody and Carolyn want a spouse and family. Before happiness can be found they each must get over the memories of their past.

Several years earlier Brody and Carolyn had a week and half relationship were they both fell in love, but neither one of them saying it to each. Their relationship ends when Brody receives a call in the middle of the night. The next morning Carolyn finds Brody gone and a short little note. Carolyn is devastated. A year later Brody drunk calls Carolyn in the middle night. When Brody wakes up and finally gives up alcohol he still stays mad at the world and has a huge chip on his shoulder.

There is an emotional scene between Brody and Davis when he finally breaks down and tells Davis what happened in his past.

Brody tries to win Carolyn's heart back and I have to admit that Carolyn is always second guessing herself and Brody's feelings for her. This goes on through most of the book and everyone playing matchmaker. Even Joleen who drove a wedge between Connor and Brody when they were younger didn't cause any problems for the two of them.

I fell in love with Brody -- especially the way he wanted their "first" date to be so special. Carolyn really never grew on me -- in fact I didn't find her likeable at all. I would have love to see a picture of the "gypsy" skirt that Carolyn was always working on.

Because I fell in love with Brody, I would give this book a B/hot.

eBook received from Net Galley for a honest review.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Just Us Thinking

Debra and I were talking about what we were going to write about for our "Just Us Thinking" column. We discussed several ideas and then she had to go and run a couple of errands. A light bulb went off in my head and I thought since Debra, Teri and I are all unique in our own ways I want to ask them -- If you could live in any country - in any time period -- which one would you choose? Since I love to read Regency -- I would love to be a member of the ton -- married to a ex-rake! LOL Then I started thinking -- no phones, no air conditioning, no modern conveniences -- ummm. Would I be able to go back into time -- having to wear a corset, sleeves on all my clothes, gloves and a hat all the time. Ride a horse? Be well behave? No swearing? Be on my best behavior????? Okay Ladies -- if you could go back into time -- what time period would you pick?

Monday, June 13, 2011

Inside by Brenda Novak

At first I wasn't sure if I was really going to like this book or not but because Brenda was nice enough to send it to me and she has never let me down on any of her books I knew I would read it. All I can say is I am sure glad I did! This book was absolutely wonderful. You can tell that she has really done her research on this book and I did not want to put it down.
Virgil Skinner has served fourteen years for a murder he did not commit. While he was in prison he joined a gang called The Crew in order to survive. The Crew will do anything to keep Virgil in the gang and not tell all that he knows. All Virgil wants is to lead a quiet life with his sister and her two kids yet he knows The Crew won't let him. He offers to go into Pelican Bay, one of the most dangerous prisons in California and get information on the gang there called Hell's Fury. They are accused of having federal judge killed but the need proof. Virgil agrees to this if they will set him and his sister up in witness protection away from the Crew.
Chief Deputy Payton Adams does not want Virgil in her prison. She feels this is not going to work and how will she keep Virgil safe. Payton got into the prison system because her father was killed before he about to be released, she also feels that not all prisoners are bad. She just works at one of the worst prison that California has --the bad of the baddest are housed at Pelican Bay.
When Payton meets Virgil for the first time she is drawn to him, there is something about him that she likes. She is very drawn to him and his past doesn't bother her.
There are lots of things going on in this book and I don't want to give away to much of the story line. All I can say is you can tell that Brenda did her research on this book. I felt like I was in that prison and really understood what it is like. And if you like tortured hero Virgil is it. He ranks up there with Jackson from Jackson's Rule by Sharon Sala. I mean the first time they make love it has been over 14 years for him. Virgil can't understand how a woman like Payton could fall for him.
Not going to say anymore because I really don't want to ruin the book for you. All I can say is this is a wonderful book and it in my top ten for the year and I only have one other book on that list right now.
I want to thank Brenda for sending me the ARC, I really enjoyed this book!!! The book will be out in July. I usually don't give ratings or stars on books but this book has a solid 5 rating and 5 stars. This book is the first in her new Bulletproof series and book two In Seconds comes out in August and In Close comes out in October.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Never Cry Wolf by Cynthia Eden

Never Cry Wolf is the fourth book of the Night Watch series but is also a stand alone. Although when she talks about what has happened in the past it is from the one book which I haven't read yet, I will be reading that book next. But the fact I hadn't read that book didn't ruin the story for me.
Lucas is the alpha of the LA wolf pack and boy talk about your tough alpha, he is it! Sarah is a charmer who can talk to shifters in their wolf forms, she can also control them. She comes to Lucas because her life is in danger and she knows he is the only one powerful enough to save her. She also wants him to know that there is another wolf that is after Lucas and wants to take over his pack.
The only problem with all of this is Sarah hasn't told Lucas everything and he has a hard time in trusting her. Can't say that I blame Lucas on that part. Sarah is keeping lots of secrets. Those secrets do get her in trouble not only with Lucas but with the pack.
I really enjoyed this book. I liked watching the big powerful Lucas fall for Sarah, he knows he can't really trust her but there is still something about her that draws him to her. As for Sarah, she is falling for the big tough Lucas and knows she shouldn't but has a little thing for him the first time she had read something about him. The book is well done and I loved the story can't wait for the next one. Heck I can't wait for any book by Cynthia.
This book comes out in July and I was able to read the ARC through my romance group.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Trace of Fever by Lori Foster

This is the second book in Lori Foster's Men Who Walk On the Edge trilogy.

Trace is working undercover for Murray Coburn who is into human trafficking. Trace wants to avenge his sister's Alani's kidnapping by human traffickers. Priss is there for the same reason - to kill the man who destroyed her mother and kept Priss from enjoying her childhood and who might be her father.

When I first started reading this book I couldn't put it down -- and then the story just went flat until almost the end of the book.

The next two hundred pages was just Trace and Priscilla bantering back and forth and then POW. Yes, there was sexual tension and I laughed my butt off when Priss decked Trace and gave him a shiner. Trace is fighting his attraction for her and his jealousy of everyone who dares to look at her. When Trace finds out about how Jackson gets Priss out of her apartment when Helen comes after her is priceless. The sex scenes were well written and very, very hot. Coburn has an evil assistant named Helen who is one heck of a villain -- who can't wait to get her hands and body on Trace and I have to admit that when she finally does get him well let's just say that things don't go exactly as she plans.

I have to admit that the sparks flew in scenes between Trace and Priss. And I have to admit that at times I wanted to shake Priss for almost being TSTL. She did not listen to either Trace or Jackson. At times I thought Priss was a little too independent but forgave her because I knew she was also on a mission.
When Coburn was finally taken down it kept me on the edge of my seat.

There is a revisit with Dare, Molly and Chris. Jackson plays a big part of this book. I so fell in love with Jackson and I can't wait to read his story Savor the Danger with Trace sister's Alani!

My grade B+