Thursday, June 30, 2011

One Night, Two Heirs by Maureen Child

This book is from the Texas Cattleman Club series.  Marine Sergeant Rick Pruitt is home on a one month leave.  The last time he was home three years ago, he had a one night fling with the girl of his dreams, Sadie Price, the Prices being the wealthiest family in their small Texas town.  Sadie ends up pregnant, but in keeping with the secret baby theme, tells Rick’s mother, who decides they should not bother Rick with this information because he doesn’t need distractions while fighting in the war in the Middle East. 
The book picks up now, three years later.  The twin girls are about 2 years old, and now the unenviable task falls of Sadie to tell Rick of his children.  Once he gets over his initial shock, he falls in love with the twins and wants nothing more than a chance to be a good father for them.  From the beginning of the book up until the very end, Rick uses every trick in the book to get Sadie to marry him, but the one thing he does not do is offer her love.  A situation that occurred in the Middle East has made him believe there is no such thing as love.  Sadie had a rotten seven month marriage to a suitor chosen by her family,  and this leaves her desiring  love as a reason to marry. 
The Cattleman’s Club is the well to do local hang out, and the women in the story are trying to raise money for remodeling, since they have just recently been allowed in to the old boy’s club.  Entertainment is provided by Sadie’s’ brother and friend Abbey who are constantly at odds with one another over what they each want to see change at the old club.  I am guessing there will be a book about them coming soon. 
When Rick and Sadie do finally get together, they have hot sex.  But the words Sadie longs to hear have yet to be spoken.  Surely Rick can’t be that obtuse all the time, can he?  Read the book and find out!
Rating:    B+ 
EBook provided from NetGalley for review.   

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