Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Never Cry Wolf by Cynthia Eden

Never Cry Wolf is the fourth book of the Night Watch series but is also a stand alone. Although when she talks about what has happened in the past it is from the one book which I haven't read yet, I will be reading that book next. But the fact I hadn't read that book didn't ruin the story for me.
Lucas is the alpha of the LA wolf pack and boy talk about your tough alpha, he is it! Sarah is a charmer who can talk to shifters in their wolf forms, she can also control them. She comes to Lucas because her life is in danger and she knows he is the only one powerful enough to save her. She also wants him to know that there is another wolf that is after Lucas and wants to take over his pack.
The only problem with all of this is Sarah hasn't told Lucas everything and he has a hard time in trusting her. Can't say that I blame Lucas on that part. Sarah is keeping lots of secrets. Those secrets do get her in trouble not only with Lucas but with the pack.
I really enjoyed this book. I liked watching the big powerful Lucas fall for Sarah, he knows he can't really trust her but there is still something about her that draws him to her. As for Sarah, she is falling for the big tough Lucas and knows she shouldn't but has a little thing for him the first time she had read something about him. The book is well done and I loved the story can't wait for the next one. Heck I can't wait for any book by Cynthia.
This book comes out in July and I was able to read the ARC through my romance group.

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