Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Savor The Danger

Savor The Danger by Lori Foster
The third book in her Men Who ‘Walk The Edge of Danger” series

What a way to end a series or is it!?!?!?

Jackson has lusted after Trace’s sister Alani since he first met her. And when he finally beds her he doesn’t remember because he was drugged.

Now the mystery is on – who was the woman that Alani saw come out of Jackson’s apartment and drugged him? Who’s life is in danger.

Alani soon finds out that Jackson has a side that she’s never seen before – his kindness to a cat who he ends up adopting, the way he helps an elderly couple.

Jackson tells Alani about how he first met her brother and Dare. He happened to see two traffickers throwing a struggling body over a bridge. Without any thought of danger Jackson attacks the two men, jumps in the river and saves the girl. Dare and Trace are impressed with Jackson and offer him a job.

Jackson named the girl that he saved Arizona and when he finds out what happened to her he takes her into his heart and sends her to college.

Arizona calls Jackson and tells him that someone has been following her and to she’s on her way to Kentucky to meet him.

The storyline with who the villain is and what happens in my opinion is what this story is about.

Jackson is a kinda love em and leave kind of guy who gets blindsided when it comes to Alani. He’s never felt like this before – I did have one problem with him – he was always lusting after her even in front her brother and Trace.

We also get to know more about Arizona and Spencer the bounty hunter who was on the same mission as her. I’m hoping that Ms. Foster writes a story for them.

All in all I enjoyed this book – it was great to see Chris, Priscilla and Molly again. I just wish there was a little more action.


ebook received from Net Galley for a honest review.


Teri P said...

Got my book today so I am looking forward to reading this. It's been a great series so far, but then Lori Foster is one of my favorite authors too.

Teri P said...

This was a great book. I normally don't like heroines as young as Alani (and Priss from book 2) but Alani worked for me. She is wise beyond her years. She was constantly verbally sparring with Jackson, and threw him for a loop at every opportunity!

I agree with Dani that there could have been more action. A lot of time was spent in conversation - too much talk and not enough action!

Arizona pops up later in the book with Spencer the bounty hunter hot on her tail. Then next book out, due sometime in early 2012 is their book, which I will look forward to.

Arizona is young too, only 20. So I will have to work on that aspect so I get along with her in the book. Not sure what it is with Lori Foster, this series and the very young heroines with the much older men. I hope she's not going through a Diana Palmer phase!!!