Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lord of Temptation by Lorraine Heath

Second book in the Lost Lords of Pembrooke Series

This had to be one of the best books that I read this year.....I really enjoyed it.
Tristan is the younger twin, his brother Sebastian's story is told in She Tempts The Duke.

When we first meet Tristan he is a frighten 14 year old boy who is locked in his family tower with Tristan and his younger brother, Rafe. Tristan is sold as a cabin boy by Sebastian because he fears for their lives because their uncle wants to kill them and become the next Duke of Keswick.

The story picks up 14 years later and Tristan is now known as Capt. Jack Crimson and he captains his own ship.

Anne wants to hire the Captain to take her to Scutari. Scutari is where her finance has died from the war and Anne feels that she can not go on with her life until she says good-be to Walter her dead fiancĂ©.  Capt. Jack agrees to take Anne for a payment of one kiss when he wants it and not before then.

While on the trip, Anne's opinion slowly changes of Capt. Jack and ever so slowly she shares her story. Capt. Jack tells Anne that his real name is Tristan.
The first time that they make love is so touching and overwhelming.

At the end of the trip their parting is oh so hot but Anne knows that she must now marry and come out of mourning for Walter. Once on land, Tristan can not stay away from Anne and is stubborn of his true feelings for her. He doesn't want to make a commitment but yet he wants no one else to have her.

Besides fighting his feeling for Anne, I feel he wants to get closer to his two brothers but just doesn't know how. There is a potent scene near the end of this book were Tristan finally goes back to the tower and comes to terms with his life.
Anne also has to overcome her personal demons and her overbearing father and brothers who want her to marry Chetwyn, Walter's brother.

The ending is one that I do not want to give away...but let me tell it will leave you breathless and I love the epilogue for the man that Tristan has become thanks to love of Anne.

I do see a budding romance between Anne's brother Jamison and Lady Hermione, who fancy herself in love with Tristan and causes a problem.
I'm so looking forward to Rafe's story.

Received an ARC of this book for an honest review.

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