Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Changeling Moon by Dani Harper

He roams the moonlit wilderness, his every sense and instinct on high alert. Changeling wolf Conner Macleod and his Pack have never feared anything-until the night human Zoey Tyler barley escapes a rouge werewolf's vicious attack.
As the full moon approaches, Zoey has no idea of the changes that are coming, and only Conner can show her what she is, and help her master the wildness inside. With her initiation into the pack just days away and a terrifying predator on the loose, the tentative bonds of trust and tenderness are their only weapons against a force red in tooth, claw...and ultimate evil.
I loved this book and read it in one day. Picked it and just could not put it down. Loved the interacting between Zoey and Conner. Zoey has moved to a small town because she just wants some peace in her life. Her family is a bunch of famous psychics and she does not like the fact that has has these tendencies, she sees things but not in enough time to do something about them. She worked in a big city as a reporter and just couldn't the death anymore. She felt becoming a editor of a small weekly paper was just the thing for her. Conner is the vet in the town she now lives in and is also a wolf changeling. He saves Zoey form a wolf that has her trapped on her car and is attacking her.
Conner knows the wolf that attacked Zoey and also knows how to make it so that she is not turned into a changeling. So he goes to make sure the the rouge wolf never attacks a person again and that Zoey can have a normal life. The only thing is Conner doesn't know that the rouge wolf messed with the medicine so that it would not hurt him.
After Zoey is attacked she wants to write an article about it but nobody believes her that it was wolf that attacked her. They all say it was a large dog. She is upset by this because she knows the truth and is not sure what to do about it. Then she finds out that a few years ago the town was written up for werewolf's and it set everybody on edge and they do not want to go through that again. Of course not when you have a whole town full of them.
Conner knows he has to tell Zoey what is going to happen to her, and he really tries, but of course she thinks he is a nut and walks out on him. She can't believe that she has finally found a great man and he thinks she is wolf! I love how Conner convinces her what he really is. She has a hard time with it at first but then, after he changes in front of her she really has to believe it.
There was one part of the book that bothered me a little, but is the end Ms Harper made it Ok. I liked when Zoey knew she had to change to save Conner's life and she did it. I loved the puppy scene with Conner and Zoey and how they slowly build into a relationship and how they learned to trust each other.
This was a very good shifter book with strong people and a great supporting cast. I am going out to find the next book in the series.

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