Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Heir and The Soldier by Grace Burrowes

I just finished these two books and can't tell you how much I enjoyed them. I can't wait for Val's story.
The first book The Heir is about Gayle Windham, Earl of Westhaven and Anna Seaton who is is housekeeper. Gayle is now the the heir to the Duke of Moreland and has taken this job very seriously. You see he was third in line and his two older brothers had passed away. By the time he took over his father had almost run the out of money and Gayle has worked very hard to bring back the coffers. But you see that is all he has done is work hard and try to avoid his dad fixing him up with ladies to marry.
Anna is Gayle housekeepers with a big secret of her own. She has been running for two years and working as a house keeper. She has come to the Earl's house and they are drawn to each other. She does not want to get attached because she might have to flee again, but you can guess what happens.
In this book you meet Gayle's two brothers Val and Devlin. I loved how the brothers interacted together. It was wonderful to see men who were not afraid to admit that they loved each other maybe it is because they have lost two brothers and Devlin is the illegitimate son of the Duke who has been accepted into the family with open arms. I loved that!!!
I liked how Gayle and Anna began to trust each other and how they fall in love.
The Soldier is about Devlin and Emmie. Poor Devlin has not had a easy time of it. First his mother gives him to his father at 5 years of age and he fills like an outsider. The when he comes back form the war he suffers what we would call PTSD. I liked how she handle that part of the story. Devlin is such a man and has always been the "perfect soldier".
Emmie is a woman who supports herself and is considered an outsider in the town she lives in. She has been taking care of her little cousin. When Devlin moves to Rosecroft and finds Winnie he has her and Emmie move in with him.
Emmie at first stay away from Devlin, but they seem to be drawn to each other and she knows he has demons. She helps him with his demons but she some of her own. She wants to leave and feels Winnie would be better staying with Devlin. Devlin feels he would be better with Emmie staying with him and Winnie. Here comes the battle of wills to work everything out.
Both books are so well done. I said it before and will say it again I loved the brothers together. You have other people that come into the stories to. The emotion that Devlin shows is outstanding, I mean at one point he is crying after someone tells him that he is a good person, you really feel for him. I really loved these books and now can't wait until November for Val's story. Now I'm off to read the first book on the Windham sisters.

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