Monday, September 26, 2011

In Pursuit of Eliza Cynster

In Pursuit of Eliza Cynster is the second book in Stephanie Laurens Cynster Sister Trilogy (the 17th Cynster Novel). The first book in this trilogy is VISCOUNT BRECKENRIDGE TO THE RESCUE (the 16th Cynster Novel).
This story starts at the Engagement Ball of Heather and Breckenridge. Eliza who is 24 wants to find her hero just like her sister. Their cousin Catriona has passed down to each Cynster girl a necklace and pendent so each can find their own hero. Eliza receives a note from a footman to meet a gentleman in the back parlor. She thinks the note is daring and heads off to the back parlor in hopes of "meeting her hero." Instead she ends up being drugged and kidnapped. Eliza's adventure now begins!!! She is bound and determined to save herself and remembers some of the things that her sister Heather told her she did. On her way to being whisked off to Scotland, she finally gets a chance to try to save herself. On his way home back to London from Scotland, Jeremy is slowly passing a coach on the road and hears a thump on the coach's window and he sees a womans pale face and her lips moving when he hears a scream. Jeremy continues on but he can't get the girl out of his mind. He finally realizes who the young girl is and Jeremy, our absentminded scholar is off to the rescue.
After turning his horse around and following the coach, he meets with his friends and devised a plan to rescue Eliza. After rescuing Eliza the race is on to get her across the Border to Royce's house who is a family friend to both Eliza and Jeremy.
As we follow Jeremy and Eliza in their journey being chased not only by the mysterious laird who needs to parade a Cynster sister before his mother as "ruined" so his mother could give him back the ceremonial goblet or lose his castle andhis lands. His clan dsees the dispossessed and the original kidnapper who the laird fired after Eliza escapes.
Through their journeys we learn a lot about both Jeremy and Eliza and I grew to love them. Eliza finds out that she is the quite one and finds strengths that she didn't think she had. Jeremy being able to think like his brother-in-law and wanting to succeed in saving Eliza. Along the way they slowly fall in love with each other and Eliza realizes that Jeremy is really her hero.
As one of my favorite things about reading a Stephanie Lauren's book is she brings in other Cynsters and this book is no different....we get to enjoy Gabriel, Devil and Heather along with most of the Bastion Club.
I look forward to reading Angelica's story and I personally hope that this mysterious laird who must kidnap a Cynster woman is her hero. eBook received from Net Galley for a honest review.

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