Saturday, November 12, 2011

Wild Thing, by Robin Kaye

Book provided by NetGalley for review.
Release date:  12/1/2011
Rating:  B+, Hot 
Hunter Kincaid runs River Runner Tours, and Toni Russo is his exact opposite, the queen of the concrete jungle.  Her boss Bianca of Action Models,  is busy with contract negotiations, so sends Toni to Idaho to manage the sportswear photo shoot in her place.  The minute Hunter spies the Goth girl from New York, (fans of NCIS will love her!)  he falls for her and vows to do whatever it takes to win her over.  However, at this early point in the book poor Hunter had no idea what he was in store for.  Toni has a huge fear of the wilderness, and watching Hunter walk her through her fears is extremely entertaining.  What Toni doesn’t know at this point is that Hunter runs a camp for disadvantaged and troubled kids, and is very good at his job.   
Hunter has recruited his siblings, Trapper, Fisher and Karma (interesting why mom choose their names) to assist with the crew of models and photographers.  Hunter is just full of surprises.  While the crew is camping, he takes Toni to his mountain retreat, where Hunter shows off his chef abilities while preparing Toni a meal fit for a queen.  They end up in bed, but Hunter really makes Toni work for what she wants because it’s more than just sex for him.  Toni does not want to feel any connection for Hunter, but for both of them, it’s like they were hit over the head the minute they met.  Who ever knew a toothbrush in the garbage can could cause such a commotion?!?  You will have to read the book to find out why..... 
James the photographer is like the father Toni never had and encourages the relationship to develop between her and Hunter.  Then good old Bianca shows up and thinking Hunter has a thing for her, sends Toni packing for  New York.  There are a lot of things Toni finds out about Hunter while he is out with the group on a shoot,  which she interprets as lies. After promising to wait for him to return so they can talk, she heads for home. This back and forth with her emotions kind of got to me by this point. Then Hunter comes to the rescue again!  He recruits his entire family, including Grandpa Joe, along with Toni’s mother, to help him win back the woman he has fallen in love with.  He’ll go to any length to do this, which is quite hysterical at times.  His brothers and Karma are just a hoot, and provide plenty of comedy relief throughout the entire book. 
The end is a bit rushed, and there are moments that Toni really got on my nerves.  At one point, she belittles Hunter and all but makes fun of him for liking her, and offering to do the things that Action Models hired River Runners to do for the photo shoot. It made me wonder what else Hunter could possibly do to prove he loves her.  He is like the perfect man, but like most men can be pretty dense at times.  Toni of course is in denial of her feelings for Hunter.   Her fears really control her life, and it takes her awhile to come to the conclusion that she has the ability to overcome these. All with the help of a good man!   
I loved the family interaction, both on Toni and Hunter’s sides.  I am really hoping there will be more  books to follow with Trapper, Fisher and Karma.  The investigation to locate Gina’s missing brother is ongoing, and there are a few hints regarding what might be in store for the Kincaid siblings.  Robin Kaye leaves you yearning for more of this fabulous family.

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