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How The Marquess Was Won by Julie Ann Long

How The Marquess was Won by Julie Anne Long
6th book in the Pennyroyal Series

Did you ever finish reading a book and say AHHHHH!! Well, that's what I did at the end of this book.

Our heroine Phoebe Vale is a school teacher and is hired by Lisbeth Redmond to be her paid companion for a house party.

Our hero Julian Spenser, Marquess Dryden knows what he wants and when he talks the ton listens and follows in his footsteps.

This book has two unique character as their lifestyles which is as different as night and day.

The story opens up with the hero after being shot staggering into the Pig & Thistle and starts to fall to the floor were he is caught by Colin Eversea. As they bring Julian to a room in starts talking about some women not even pretty and talking nonsense. The story then goes back six weeks earlier when Phoebe and Julian first meet at Postlethwaite's Emporium of Lady's Goods who is there to buy Lisbeth a fan. Phoebe overs another visitor bet Dryden 10 pounds that he can't get Phoebe to kiss him.

At the house party Phoebe gets Julian to do things that he's never done before. As they both start to fall for each other and fight their true feelings. Dryden is at house party to start to woo Lisbeth Redmond. The Redmonds hold a piece of land that was once in his family and Dryden wants the land back. Phoebe is aware that Julian is at the house party to woo Lisbeth but that doesn't stop her from staying away from him.

The Silverton sisters - Marie and Antoinette invite Phoebe to their house in London for a fortnight to attend parties and balls with them. Lisbeth is not happy to have Phoebe at the Silverton's residence as she is invited too.

While at White's one day Dryden overhears Waterburn and d'Andre making bets in a the bookie book but doesn't pay attention. Phoebe becomes the belle of the ball much to the surprise of Dryden and Lisbeth.

It was fun to see Phoebe enjoying herself and seeing both of them fight their feelings for each other. Dryden trying to do the "right" thing and woo Lisbeth and trying to stay away from Phoebe. Phoebe trying to stop her feelings for Dryden and for the first time enjoying life.

I was surprised to see Lisbeth turn into the villainess but she the Silverton twins, Waterburn and d'Andre and get their just rewards.

This book had me laughing out loud with the banter between Dryden and Phoebe.

Although I'm still waiting for Lyon and Olivia's story I hope Ms. Long does a story on Lisbeth's brother Jonathan who you just fall in love with.

I received this book from Net Galley for an honest review.

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