Thursday, April 19, 2012

2012 RT Convention

Chicago was all I had hoped for and then some! Let me start out by posting my highlight …..that would be meeting Charlaine Harris!! 2012 RT Covention 020

I have been a Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampire fan since book one, and have now met the brilliant woman who put this world together for us to enjoy.

The Giant Book Fair was something else. Hundreds of authors, who would sign books you purchased from them or brought from home. Here are a few at the signing that we managed to see: Gennita Low, another long time favorite of mine, Jody Thomas, Mia Marlowe, Cathy Maxwell, Renee Bernard, Hope Tarr, Christina Skye, Kat Martin, Lorelei James, Heather Graham, Sabrina Jeffries, Kiernan Kramer, Roxanne St. Claire, Rebecca York, Monica Burns, Jade Lee, Meg Benjamin, Shayla Black, Sylvia Day, Jennifer Blake, Tessa Dare, Beth Kery , Sherrill Bodine who was dressed to the nines!

We attended an author Q & A, called Romance Readers Town Meeting, where Dani won the grand prize of a gift basket from none other than Cherry Adair. Sue and I were awarded books for answering fun questions. Beth Ciotta, Cherry Adair, Katharine Ashe, Isabelle Drake, Cindy Holby, Sabrina Jeffries, Kiernan Kramer & Deb Marlowe hosted this event.

Sue attended Boner Doner Bingo hosted by Sarah Wendell from Smart Bitches, Trashy Books Blog. While she was there, Dani & I attended Who Wants To Be A Duchess, hosted by Sabrina Jeffries, Lydia Dare, and Deb Marlowe. We didn’t make it past scullery maid, but it sure was fun. You really must know your history to compete in this one!

2012 RT Covention 013 Last of all, we attended the FAN-TASTIC DAY PARTY, where we picked up even more free books, and finally had a chance to sit down. We slogged our way to the car, happy and content, but exhausted after 12 hours of walking and standing. Dani and I had a blast. Sue was not at all sure what she was getting into, but being an avid reader, she really enjoyed the entire event, along with meeting Dani.

There was also the SOS (Support our Servicepeople) mixer we all attended. Kim who gets this event going every year for military families really puts a lot of hours and effort on this, and the event was awesome. We met up with other RT Board posters here, and that was nice to put a name to a face.

Only snafu that was apparent to me, was that Lora Leigh was a no show. We were at the book fair, and her table was all set up, ready to go, but no Lora. No one had much to say, as I think her following is getting sick of her excuses and probably could care less at this point in time.

Another fun factoid – JR Ward travels with security, and this even extends to the ladies room! They cleared it out once on Saturday so she could use it – alone!!! And seeing her in person was not quite the same as seeing her picture on the back cover of all her books.

Great recap Teri, I couldn't say it better. I had a great time meeting some of my favorite authors and meeting new romance fans.


✿⊱╮Terri said...

Thanks, ladies, for sharing your experience! You should post more photos.

Why do you think Lora didn't show up when, I'm assuming, she was planning to? Do you think maybe she's uncomfortable around crowds?

Teri P said...

Terri, yes Lora Leigh was planning to attend. Someone on the RT Convention post said she had a family emergency, and that this was announced on Thursday.I was wondering why her table was set up on Saturday, and she was no where to be found. I have heard she shows up late for appearances, or not at all. She seems to be comfortable with her partner, so I have no idea why she pulls the no show routine. Her books have taken a hit in the last year or so, so one would think she would try to be a bit more acccomodating to her fans.