Sunday, April 1, 2012

In Memory of Our Dear Friend Debra

Debra and dogs Early Saturday morning, March 31st, Debra lost her battle with cancer. Debra leaves behind her mother Ann, brother Bruce, numerous other family members, and her much loved fur babies Dozzer and Tucker.

The mutual love of books is what brought Dani, Debra and I together. Debra had many, many authors that were her favorites, and many that were her friend. Her reviews inspired me when I was in a slump, encouraged me to explore new genres, and to buy way more books than I will ever read in my lifetime! Oh yes, and we all have a love for our pets and animal rescue organizations.

Debra is the brightest star shining up there in the sky tonight, her battle with cancer over. A lot of tears have been shed today, and now I am going to find a way to smile, because she has lived, and open my eyes to see all she has left behind.

Dear Debra, it’s truly been an honor to call you friend!

I meet Debra on the RT Boards and through our love of books we became good friends. I always gave Debra credit for reading outside her comfort zone -- Debra would give any genre a try and she would try to talk me into reading a paranormal and I would say NO NO NO! I had so many wonderful conversations talking to her and her mother on the phone. Debra always knew how to make me laugh especially when I was feeling down and never had a bad word to say about anything. We both love the "The Real Housewives" show and spent time on phone discussing what happened.

One of our favorite authors was Diana Palmer and oh how we would laugh after reading her books, that the hero always wore black silk shorts and drove a Jaguar.

I know Debra is smiling down from heaven on us and she will be missed by all who knew and loved her. I for one will miss our every other day chats on the phone and her laugh.

RIP Debra you might be gone but you will not be forgotten. Love ya girlfriend, Dani

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