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Wicked Edge, by Nina Bangs


Rating: Teri: A, Hot;  Emily:  A, Hot

Wicked Edge

Emily Jensen is my co-reviewer for this book. Emily and I worked together for several years in Human Resources at Mayo Clinic. We love our book talk, especially when it comes to paranormal books. So after what seemed like a long hiatus with the Castle of Dark Dreams, we fired a lot of emails back and forth about Edge’s book. Emily and I love these books, so in discussing all of our favorite happenings, here is what we have to share.

So Emily,

When did we last see the Big Boss? I know you have done some re-reading and I have not even looked back at my notes on previous books. But I am thinking it has been awhile since he physically materialized in human form. What is he up to???

E: We have never met the Big Boss in person. They talk about him in all the Castle of Dark Dream books and in the Mackenzie books. This is the first time he has actually presented himself. In the Mackenzie books, there is a character called the Ice Cream Man who comes twice to rein in Mede. I thought he may be the Big Boss in disguise but in the book Wicked Edge the Boss says to his cosmic trouble makers “I have not seen you for a few centuries and look what you have turned into.” So we finally get to actually meet him and he was worth the wait! Question...What in the world is he??????

T:   Yes indeed.  The Big Boss has "IT" in spades! Holy moly, he was worth waiting 8 books for! Passion sees no colors surrounding him. What is he?? He can talk to Mede telepathically, and has done so in almost every book. So now Mede is on his best (?) behavior for fear of what might happen if he’s not. I love how he picks out his name.  Passion, who fears nothing, to ask the Big Boss what she should call him. He responds "Bourne. I loved the movies & I've never been a Bourne before".  Another ROTFL moment!

When Edge tries to explain to Passion why he is Death, he describes it "as a coming home to a man who knew no home, the healing of a wound none could reach because he'd hidden it so well. It terrified him. Anyone who caused this feeling was dangerous.” **sob** This kind of broke my heart! What is your take on the relationship?

E: Passion and Edge have a topsy turvy romance. They are compelled to want to be together, but just like polar magnets they also push away from each other. They both seemed lost in who they really were. Of course when you find out the truth it made perfect sense. I really can’t say too much without ruining the drama for others between the two of them. Sometimes, I did want to say to Passion "ahh hello, hot sexy man - who cares about morals?!? He’s YUMMY!”

T: Passion describes herself as Life and Edge as Death. All she has to do is lay a hand on Edge and he is off the charts with emotions, something totally new to him. This woman makes him question everything, and he is one confused demon! Passion has a really difficult time coming to terms with what she is too. With each new cosmic event, she discovers something new about herself and in turn, questions her role in this world at the castle. These two do an excellent job of dancing around their feelings! I must say that Bangs goes beyond excellent with dragging out the sexual tension that literally jumps off the pages. It’s no wonder Sweetie Pie is wilting! Poor baby!

Which cosmic event was the standout event and why?

E: I loved all the action Nina put in the book. There are too many to choose from! I know my favorite should be the final even,t but I really loved the one where Mede loses it. You know he is powerful and this just tops the charts. My imagination was able to picture the struggles of everyone trying to shut him down. You also got to see some more insight on the others and their powers. I love how Nina keeps past characters continuously appearing in each book instead of disappearing completely when there role is done.

T: Boy, are you right about the characters not leaving. Excellent point. The standout event for me is also Ganymede’s. He has been on his best behavior for so long, it was actually kind of hard to see him go on a bender! The power has really overtaken him. I think this is the first time we really get a good look at how destructive and all powerful Mede can be. We have heard about what he can do, but now we are seeing it. I was on the edge of my seat during the whole thing, seeing the people leaving Galveston in every direction, in any way they could. The Gargoyles are going crazy, and Holgarth can’t quiet them. Then, to top it off, we have every cosmic troublemaker we have met in all the books on hand too! Any more would go in to spoiler territory, but this entire sequence is just exceptional. It leaves you exhausted at the end of the chapter.

What is Zane Waiting for???

E: Zane, hmmm… I think he will need his own book. He is one complex character and has the most interesting parents. I would be screwed up for life! In one book he attacks the castle and in the next he is there to vacation, yet he helps out when it gets bad for our Dark Castle Crew? I will be excited to watch the developments unfold.

T: Well, for this book anyway, that would be his parents. Again, any more here would be a spoiler, but it has to be one of the best kept secrets of this entire series!! Honestly, I about flipped! But my lips are sealed!

Who is your favorite character in this book?? Or your favorite ongoing character?

E:   I know I should probably pick one of the main characters in this book but I just love Sparkle. She is selfish and vain, but deep down she has a heart of gold. You get to see a motherly caring when person when she is comforting Holgarth and at the same time a fashion tip. Sparkle can knock Mede down a few pegs when everyone else runs from him in fear. She is a tough cookie and fights dirty. I have utmost respect and admiration for her. She is in every book with the Castle of Dark dreams and the Mackenzie series.  You see a new depth (or sexy tip) in each book. She is a rollercoaster. Sparkle makes you laugh, cry, ground your teeth in frustration and makes you take a glance at your own wardrobe,  wondering if it’s time for shopping trip and upgrade!

I love her!!!!! And I wonder -  how you do that Dance of the 7 Hershey kisses???

T: For both ongoing and current book, it’s Ganymede. I love him in cat form, and all of his one liners crack me up. Then, there’s the way he talks to everyone in their head, especially folks new to the castle.  They just can’t believe it’s coming from a cat. I have this visual of him telling someone to bug off (only in his terms!) and walking away with that big fat tail, swaying in the breeze. Sometimes he’s the voice of reason, although he does love a good fight, and last but not least, he really does love his gal Sparkle. In this book when he turns human – what a hunk! I get a kick out of the fact it takes him so long to turn forms, but maybe it’s because he is thousands of years old.

Side note:  The cosmic troublemakers, aka: paranormal characters, in this series of books are the oldest I have come across yet in paranormal series.

Do you have to read the entire series for this book to make sense? Will those new to the series need to go on a search for the other books?

E :  Not reading the other books is like eating a pizza with no toppings. It tastes so much better when you know what you’re eating and you have variety with spice! Reading the whole series makes more sense and Nina keeps bring older characters back, so you have that definite bonding feeling. I agree with Teri on reading the Mackenzie books. Not only do you get more insight on our favorite characters, but they do bring some characters to the Castle of Dark Dreams who had minor appearances with the Mackenzies.

T:   I am beyond anal when it comes to reading a series in order, so I would say yes. I would also add that I would recommend the Mackenzie series be read also.Those books came before the Castle of Dark Dreams, so you are looking at a total of 8 books. The cast of characters is huge and they all start out in the Mackenzie series. Honestly, if you were to pick up Wicked Edge, you would probably enjoy the book, but you may be left wondering about some of the characters and their roles.

A few random thoughts:

T: Passion and Edge hit the greenhouse during Sparkle’s cosmic event. Edge tells Passion he’s taking her “to the edge of his scenic overlook!”

Passion responds with “if she’d known falling would be so awesome, she would have jumped sooner, but only with Edge”.

These were probably the best lines in the whole book, (for me) along with being a great scene too. After two weeks of dancing around each other, THE moment has finally arrived. And Nina Bangs’ one liners are still alive and well…it’s one of the reasons I love these books so much! And good old Sweetie Pie gets a new lease on life! Good Grief, she must grow 6 feet!!

E: There was so much tension between those two! It’s neat that Nina figured out a way for them to be together twice for their first time. Yep, you will have to read the book to find out how in the world this is possible!


There  were enough new characters introduced in Wicked Edge for Nina Bangs to continue her world building for a good, long time.  Sparkle adjusting to her new job, and Mede accepting her as his boss could be fodder for a couple of books!  And, now that Bourne has appeared, he sure has a lot of work ahead of him….or at least I think he does!  October 12th, Wicked Whispers – we can hardly wait!  We’ll be back with another in depth review in a few months!

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