Thursday, August 2, 2012

Call Me Wild, by Robin Kaye

CALL ME WILD, by Robin Kaye
Publish Date:  8/7/2012
2nd in her Domestic Gods Gone Wild series

Those Kincaid brothers are just irresistible! Out of work sports journalist Jesse is staying at her pal’s vacant house in Boise. She is on a coffee run to the Starbucks when she literally runs in to Fisher. He flirts, she pegs him for a surfer dude. The incidental run ins keep happening. Next time is at the grocery store, where Fisher labels Jessie’s cart as "what not to eat". You have to give the guy credit where credit is due. He is humorous and witty. Oh, and a ten plus on the attractive scale!

Jessie has had a tough life, and this is fleshed out quite well. Beginning with her family, the high school boyfriend, and loss of her job, I can well understand why she takes advantage of pal Andrew’s offer to stay at his house while she gets her act together. Jessie needs some quick cash, so she is going to try her hand at writing a romance novel, even though she has never read one. How hard can it be? Well, since her life is quite lacking in that department, she finds it much more difficult than she imagined.

Jessie meets Karma and is telling her about her so called “stalker”, calling him" thick or mentally challenged, and living with his mother."   Karma is trying not to crack up laughing, since she knows the ‘stalker” is her brother Fisher, and Jessie has no idea they are related. Karma convinces Jessie they need a girls weekend at brother Hunter’s wilderness cabin. Karma is tricky, and setting Jessie up. And oh boy - what a setup it is!

We know Fisher is a great guy, who has many admirable talents. This series isn’t called the Domestic Gods Gone Wild for nothing!! Will Fisher be able to wow Jessie?  Karma of course, was a no show, but Fisher made it to the cabin in the woods.   Jessie emotionally breaks down while with Fisher, and instead of turning to him, she turns to Andrew. At first, I didn’t like Jessie for that. But on the other hand, she has only known Fisher a handful of days. Fisher is injured while at the cabin, and when Jessie takes him to the ER for treatment, she finds out that he is a doctor, and that he doesn’t live off a trust fund or with his mama!

All the assumptions Jessie makes about Fisher are hysterical, along with his response to every thing she throws his way. One thing I love about Robin Kaye’s books is the lighthearted humor and bantering with the main characters. This book just left me wanting more of the Kincaid family!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

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