Monday, May 30, 2011

Creed's Honor by Linda Lael Miller (Creed Cowboys #1)

This book is part of her Montana Creeds series.   This was not an easy review to write. I felt the book moved slowly and poof everything is wrapped up. Tricia has come to Lonesome Bend, CO from Seattle to sell her father's camp ground, drive-in and RV park. She is staying in an upstairs apartment of her great-grandmother Natty. Tricia used to spend her summers growing up visiting her dad who's property she now wants to sell. Tricia has a "boyfriend" in Seattle who she hasn't seen in awhile which is fine with her. What we don't find out till later on in the book is that Tricia is really just like her mother. Afraid to make a commitment and that's why she's happy the way she is with Hunter. Conner is a rancher who has a chip on his shouldaer with his estranged brother Brody. Conner's whole life is their ranch and I felt at times that Conner was jealous of Brody because Brody did leave the ranch and found a life on the rodeo circuit. Which Brody is very quiet about. Trish's best friend's 10-year old daughter stays with her while her parents our house hunting in Paris. This 10-year is wise beyond her years and I did come to love her in the story. Then we have Valentino -- a mutt who Tricia finds hiding under a table and who Tricia adopts and wins not only her heart but also Conner's heart. The storyline moved along slowly and even though there is instant attraction between Conner and Tricia they really do not get "together" until the book is almost over. Everyone can see it and they try to get the two of them together. I laughed out loud when Valentino ran away from Trish and ran to Conner's ranch to try to get them together. There is a secondary storyline regarding Caroline and Brody whose story is next. We find out that Caroline and Brody had a little fling and then broke Caroline's heart. Conner and Brody finally sit down and settle their differences. My grade -- a solid B. eBook received from Net Galley for a honest review

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Teri P said...

I felt the same way about this book Dani. 80% of the book was banter back and forth with Connor and Tricia, Tricia and Netty. Basically, banter with Tricia and everyone!

The "boyfriend" in Seattle amounted to...nothing. He was thrown in the mix just to rile Connner up some more, and Connor spent most of his life being riled up by one thing or another!

The booster seat got to me too. I have never seen a ten year old in a booster seat. I even went to the website to see the requirements, which are still the same - they sit in a booster seat until they fit properly with a seat belt. How many times does the author refer to Tricia getting this kid in to her booster seat? Way too many.

Then towards the end, the pace picks up, and bam - the book ends, leaving me sitting there scratching my head, wondering what the heck just happened. Every author is entitled to an off book. This whole series so far has been off for me, so I hope Brody's book restores my faith in continuing to follow Linda Lael Miller.