Monday, May 2, 2011

Treasure Me By Christine Nolfi

I have to say again thank you to Kim over at SOS America for the chance to review this book for her.
At first I was a little put off by the story line for this book. I really don't like reading books were the heroine is a thief. But since I told Kim I would give this book a honest review I jumped right in. I am so glad I did! I really enjoyed this book. I loved the town, the characters and just everything about it.
The book is about Bridie, she is a 31 year old pick pocket. She has been raised this way all her life with her own mother using her in some of her scams. She left her mother when she was 16 and has tried to go straight a few times. It just isn't the easiest of things to do. She get a letter from her mom that shows a article about a small town called Liberty, Ohio. She has always been told that there is a buried treasure somewhere that was was given to a free women by her great great great grandfather. It seems that he really loved Justice and gave her the means to build a life without slavery and he had always planned to join her. So after almost being caught Bridie decided to go to Liberty to see if she can find the treasure because after all it is part of her family.
The hero in this book is Hugh, he is a investigative report and things have not been going to well for him. He had written the original article about Liberty because one of the young girls who was dying and needed a bone marrow transplant. Because of this girl got the money for her
transplant and is doing very well. It looks like the web site were still up and the money was still coming in so Hugh went back to Liberty to expose the father as being a crook. He is a little hesitant about this because he doesn't want to make things worse for this family. He really doesn't want to see the dad being a crook, there has to be a reason for the web site still being up, but if he doesn't expose the family he will lose his job. Hugh has some moral issuues he needs to work out.
Bridie and Hugh end up sharing a apartment together and things really start to heat up. Hugh has to write this story and Bridie just want to find what is hers. You have some others things going on in this book and by the time ends comes around they are all tied together nicely.
I loved the supporting characters in this book. I loved Finney who ran the dinner. And what can you say about Theodora, what a women!! It was great to see Bridie find herself and to face all of the things she has done, yes she stole from the people of Liberty, but she never spent the money and was really starting to have feelings that she could really fit in somewhere. And when the whole story comes out she faces it instead running away.
This book was a wonderful read! I read it in one day, once I started it I could not put it down. I will be honest there were times I really could of bashed Hugh's head in, but it did all work out in the end. I would love to read more books about this little town.
I also would like to thank the author for sending me the print version of this book because right now it is only available on ebook through Amazon for the Kindle. If you want just a really good book, some laughs and just to see someone finding themselves, this book is it.

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