Saturday, April 30, 2011

Jezebel's Wish by AJ Nuest

I would like to say thanks to Kim at SOS America for giving me the chance to review this book for her.
I have a lot of mixed feelings about this book, while some parts were very good there were a few things that really bothered me. There is one part in the book that if I had known about it before hand I would not of read the book. I did the one thing I usually don't do in a book and read the last few pages because I suspected she was going do what I thought she was, since I was prepared for it it wasn't that bad, although I hated it. I also didn't like the fact that she smoked around the barn. After being raised around horses this was always a big no no.
The book is about Jezebel, or Jezzy as she likes to be called. She comes home to her mom's horse farm after her fiancee Jeffery is killed in a car accident. She has a lot of guilt built up because of this, on the day he died she had kind of wished it because he was being a total jerk to her and she suspected that he had been having an affair. But he died before she ever got any real answers. On the day of there last fight she knew it was over, I don't really understand why she spent so much time with this man, he was a royal jerk.
Enter in Dr. Matthias Saunders, who is the vet. Her mother pushes Jezzy to take riding lessons from Mattie and Jezzy says she will try it. I liked how Mattie, (hate the name) for a thirty two year old pushes Jezzy to start living again. He knows she is a better person then what she thinks she is. She starts to open up to The Reverend, who is a wonderful black stallion, as she is telling him all of secrets he just leans into her and listens. That is something that Jezzy needs so badly. I loved this part of the book. Jezzy opening up to something she is not used to, and finding out what a good listener The Reverend is. It brought back so many wonderful memories I had with my Blue, who looked a lot like The Reverend, and how he would just always be there for me. This part of the story really got to me because I know how true is is.
I liked how Mattie was with Jezzy. He wouldn't let hide her feelings. He spent time getting to know her letting her know her own worth. Jezzy is just afraid to love again and Mattie never really pushes her. Jezzy finally tells Mattie everything about what happened between her and Jeffery. Mattie is tyring to tell Jezzy not to let Jeffery ruin her life, she has grown and is not the same person, but Jezzy still has some guilty feeling and leaves.
I guess the whole thing is Jezzy had to leave so that she could find herself. I could kind of understand her guilty feelings over how Jeffery died, but from the way he treated her and she knew on the last day they were together that it was over, I think she carried the guilt thing a little to far. But in the end she does realize that what she had with Jeffery was fake and what she found with Mattie was the real thing.
Overall I did enjoy the book, I hated the names, but the book was a very good read and it brought back the wonderful times I had with my Blue, the good and the bad days.

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AJ Nuest said...

Thanks, Debra for taking the time to read Jezebel's Wish. I truly appreciate the comments and time invested. Best, AJ