Monday, April 25, 2011

When You Dare by Lori Foster

This is the first book in her Men Who Walk the Edge series. 

I have to admit that this book totally blew me out of the water.  I really enjoyed Dare and Molly and how they both grew with the story.  Molly never had an "Oh poor me, I was kidnapped and I'm so feeling sorry for myself"  moment.  After the rescue I felt that Molly became more courageous.  We learn about Molly's upbringing from her sister Natalie's story in The Guy Next Door and for someone who was never shown any love except from her sister, I thought Molly grew up to be strong.  I love the fact that she was a romantic suspense writer and had a "muse."

Dare was an over the top Alpha hero who loved his dogs and treated them like they were his children.  (Gotta love a man for that.)  As they travel from Mexico to California to Kentucky and Ohio,  Dare will lay down his life for Molly, who has released feelings for him that I don't think he'd ever felt before. 

Molly's father and step-mother are typical "Society" people, only worrying about what other people would say.

I have to admit that I laughed at loud when Natalie and Jett enter Molly's apartment and we find Jett on the floor in a hold by Dare!   Gotta love two alphas snarling at one  another.

If you like a fast-paced, action book with hot sex scenes and a hero who loves his dogs and his best-friend Chris,  than this book is for you.

A-/hot+++++  Received book from NetGalley for an honest review.

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Teri P said...

Words of Wisdom…From the Scarf Princess. What a name! That alone should tell you something. And yes this is a review blog. Go figure.

“The biggest problem with this story is the heroine. I find Molly to be a very irritating character. Her reactions to her ordeal don't ring true and it gives the impression that she's some sort of superwoman. After being beaten and drugged she continually insists she's fine and immediately starts falling in love with her savior. She never truly seems to have any long term residual problems related to her ordeal and it just feels unrealistic to me”

It seemed to me that Molly was in a constant state of shock, and this was how she handled it. There were times that she was scared to death, even with Dare to protect her. The first 4 chapters Molly got to me, trying to be so lady like to Dare when she could hardly hold it together. Then she gives in, turns her care over to Dare which does give her a lot of comfort. The woman who got to me? Her TSTL sister. Someone needed to slap her along side the head in order for her to return to her normal universe. I suppose some people could argue that the whole story line was so unbelievable that even the sister couldn’t accept it, but I’m going with the fact that sister is TSTL.

“ Molly is a romance suspense writer and spends a lot of time explaining what her character does and this allows for the author to inject her own views through the words of her character. It sometimes feels as though the reader's being preached to in regards to the right to read romance novels and while the message is one I agree with, I found it a bit off putting coming from a character. I also got very irritated by her perceived perfection. Both Dare and Chris couldn't stop saying how wonderful Molly is, how brave, how wonderful her writing is, and how strong she is.”

Ha…I was on the lookout for this, and it was a page and a half long, and you consider that “a lot of time explaining” what Molly does for a living??? There were MAYBE two sentences that could be perceived as author preaching, but in my honest opinion it takes a lot more than that to become preachy. Dare and Chris never said “how wonderful her writing is” because they had not ever read any of her books. Remember they picked those up when they went back to Molly’s apartment? And just an fyi, Molly was strong. She wanted us to think she was brave, but she had her moments of insecurity.

“The other problem with this story is the villain. The villain was kept pretty well hidden until towards the end of the book, but the reasons behind their actions were unbelievable and a bit laughable. Again, through the villain's motivations, it felt as if the author's agenda was being reiterated and this made for an unsatisfying conclusion.”

If you really read the book as you claim to have had, the villain was made known quite early on. Dare had a good idea after he talked to daddy that someone else was up to something, and there were other hints, but since you missed them, far be it from me to point them out. And just what was the author’s agenda anyway? Are you sure you read the book about Dare, or did you skim, because you sure didn’t read what I did.

Rock on Lori! Excellent book Rating: A+, HOT