Friday, April 29, 2011

Face of Danger by Roxanne St. Claire

It took me a day and half to read this book, I could not put it down. All I can say is I can't wait for the next one.
This book is the third of The Guardian Angelinos Series and is about Vivi Angelino and very Special FBI Agent in Charge Colton Lang. These two have been sparing back and forth with each other since the very first book and it just gets better in this book. Cole is looking for a promotion to the LA office because he had already lost one lady he loved and just couldn't face living in Boston anymore. But there is something about Vivi that draws him to her.
Vivi is really working hard in getting the agency off the ground and they are making a good success of it. Vivi goes off to LA thinking she could be a body double for a actress that just might win a Oscar, you see the past two best actress had been killed by somebody and the FBI really weren't sure if the killings were related or not.
Vivi gets the job of being a double for the actress , but she can't tell anybody that she got this job. Well, enter in Agent Lang and at first he isn't sure if it is Vivi or Cara. The story moves on from there with some other issues coming into the story.
I loved this book, had a very hard time putting it down. I loved the interaction between Vivi and Cole. I love how they come together and how they fall in love, how she just tears down his walls and make him loosen up a little. Even though this is part of a series it is very much a stand alone and the epilogue is wonderful. I can't wait for the next book in this series.

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Danielle said...

Great review Debra, I need to go to Borders today and buy it! I'm enjoying Roxanne St. Claires new series.