Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Shiver Of Fear by Roxanne St.Claire

First off I have to say thank you again to SOS America for the chance to win this book!!! I fell in love with Edge of Sight, the first book in The Guardian Angelinos series. I thought the book was well done and have been looking forward to the second book in the series. I can honestly say that the second book was as good as the first.

This book is about Devyn and Marc. Both of them have some major trust issues. With Devyn, she was adopted as a baby and she found out that her birth father is one of the FBI's most wanted and her mother is a doctor in Biochemistry. She goes to warn her mother that people may know about her past with her father. When she gets to her mothers house she is threatened and told to stay away. Well , you know as well as I do she is not going to that. She she follows her mother to Ireland.

Marc, is a ex FBI and was badly burned by his first wife. He ended up having to put her in jail and lost his career with the FBI at the same time. Now he owns a gun shop and works with his cousins off and on. He really wants to get back into the investigative end of things. They are approached by a FBI agent who wants Devyn out of Ireland. So Marc goes off to Ireland.

You have allot going on in this book. Why do all these people want Devyn out of Ireland, and the more they get involved, you do get a little confused as to who is good and who is bad. Who is working for who, is the FBI holding things back, what is going on with the mother. I did get tired of Devyn talking about her bad DNA and how she was raised. OK, so she didn't have the best childhood with her adoptive parents, but I felt she harped on that just a little to much. I liked the fact that they didn't jump right into bed. They built up the trust in each other. Believe me when I say they both have major issues on that part.

I like how the story flowed and kept you guessing. I loved the ending and how St. Claire brought it all together. I really can't wait to read Vivi's story.

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