Sunday, April 24, 2011

Beverly Barton passes away

Author Beverly Barton passed away suddenly on Thursday from heart failure, news that I am sure came as a shock to many of her loyal readers.

Her first book came out in 1990, titled Yankee Lover, a Silhouette Desire.  I started reading her books around 2000, after taking a ten year break from reading while my children were small and demanded a lot of attention.  After reading Defending His Own, I ran to the UBS to grab up the entire Protectors series, and have every book Ms. Barton has written since then. 

My favorite characters are Griff Powell, owner of the Powell agency who makes numerous appearances in her books.  Another favorite is attorney  Judd Walker, whose wife was killed by the Beauty Queen Killer. 

My condolences go out to Beverly’s family, with a huge thanks to her for being a wonderful author who has provided me with hundreds of great reading hours.  

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