Monday, April 4, 2011

My Irresistible Earl by Gaelen Foley

First I want to say Thank you to SOS American, because I won the book from their site. I have some really mixed feelings about this book and overall I really enjoyed the book. It just had some up and downs for me, that I know won't bother other people.
This is book three of The Inferno Club, and I would say this book is really not a stand alone book, you should read the other two books My Wicked Marquess and My Dangerous Duke to really understand what is going on.
Jordan , The Earl Of Falconridge met Mara twelve years ago at a house party and they two fell for each other. Mara was looking for a husband to get away from her bad home life, Jordan was not looking for a wife but fell in love with Mara, but because he was going off to work for the club (he is a spy for the king) he knew that this was not the right time for them. So Jordan breaks Mara's heart and goes off to war. Mara waits for him and when she doesn't hear back from him she marries another man.
Twelve years later Jordan is back in the picture. He is now home and working on bringing down the bad guys. He sees Mara at an auction where she is buying a painting for the Regent. They speak and she is still mad at him for leaving and he is mad at her for not waiting for him. Now Mara is close to the regent because he was a good friend to her late husband and is also godfather to her two year old son. Everybody thinks that Mara is the Regent's lover. When Jordan needs to get closer to the Regent he realizes he has no choice but to use Mara. Now everybody in The Inferno Club knows he still loves Mara and kind of play matchmaker by making him do this. He does this and is not sure how he is going to hide the lies.
Now you know both are going to fall in love again, heck they never stopped and Mara's husband held it over her head, but then he also had other issues. They start an affair and Jordan starts working to uncover who the bad guy is within the Regents inner circle.
Jordan is having a hard time keeping the lies from Mara, he goes so far as to tell her that they need distance. He does this so he can finish what he needs to do because he can't stand lying to Mara anymore. Mara is hurt by this and everything comes to a head when she follows him someplace and he gets mad at her because she interrupts him almost getting what he needs from the the bad guy.
He comes to her house and tells her as much as he can about the truth. Well, you know as well as I do that doesn't go over too good with Mara and she tells him to leave. After all , he used her!!! You know as well as I do what happens next. Mara's baby is taken, she is forced in to something to save the baby and Jordan saves the day and they live happily ever after.
The book wasn't bad, yet it was predictable in parts. I got a little upset that Jordan was mad that Mara didn't wait for him, but wait for twelve years and he never wrote her!! I didn't like that part. He did write her letters but tore them up. Later he did tell her that. I loved the back story with Drake and found I wanted more of that, but I guess I have to wait for the next book. I did find it amazing that a two year old who could barely talk at the beginning of the book could talk in full words by the ending. So if you are reading The Inferno Club series don't miss this one. I just liked the first two better then this one.


Teri P said...

Another good series I will have to get! This book sounds really good. I love second chances and marriage of convenience stories!

Danielle said...

I just finished this book and I enjoyed it too!!! But then I'm a Gaelen Foley fangirl.