Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ripe For Pleasure by Isobel Carr

This is the first book in Isobel Carr's League of Second Sons series. This book has everything that I love -- a good love story and a hero and heroine who you will come to love and care for. The story is about a missing royal treasure that Lord Leonidas Vaughn and his cousin Charles grew up hearing about from their grandfather. Neither one of them believe of the treasure until the grandfather dies and they find a bundle of letters regarding the treasure. From reading these letters they find out where the treasure is hidden. At the home Mrs. Viola Whedon a courtesan who is in the process of writing the second book in memoirs. Charles and Leo come up with a plan. Leo will seduce Viola while Charles searches the house. Viola wakes up and hears intruders in her bedroom, she thinks the intruders were sent by her ex-protector. She tries to leave the room as she is being chase by the intruders she runs in Leo who she thinks is her savoir. This starts the relationship of Leo and Viola. Leo takes Viola to his estate thinking that Viola will be safe there. We get to see the relationship grow between the two of them. I really enjoyed the jealousy of Leo's cousin Charles (who I think went totally mad in this book), the secret that Leo is hiding from Viola, the happiness of Leo falling in love with Viola and Viola finally finding love a second time. I laughed out loud when Leo's mother kidnaps Viola and whisks her away to her home in Scotland. I enjoyed the secondary characters in this book as much as I did the hero and heroine. Beau, Leo's younger sister who is used to scandal, the duchess who always gets her way, Pen the mongrel dog who works his way into Viola's heart and Leo and Leo's friends, all second sons. This author is Kalen Hughes writing now as Isobel Carr and I'm so glad that she's back as an author. ebook received from Net Galley for an honest review.

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