Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Deadly SIns by Kylie Brant

An unknown assassin has appointed himself judge and executioner, brutally taking out high-level human targets citywide. And the list of suspects is a sensitive one: and Iranian diplomat, a U.S. senator and a vengeful priest. It's just the kind of case to test the resolve of a tough FBI agent like Jaid Marlowe. Especially when her new partner is Adam Raiker, Jaid's former colleague and ex-lover. But that's history-and it left scars.
Determined to leave it behind them, Jaid and Adam dive into the most shocking investigation of their careers. But when Adam himself becomes suspect, Jaid must choose between the past and present. Her choice plunges them into a far-reaching, high-level conspiracy of shadows-and on the run not only from secrets and lies, but for their lives. Now despite their history, they have only each other, and the desperate hope that love can keep them alive.
This is book six of The Mindhunters series,and if you have read the other books you know about Adam. This man has been through a lot and he finally get his story and what had happen to him. You met Jaid in the last book and had questions about her and those question are answered also. The best thing about the book is I didn't figure out who the bad guy was and I loved being surprised by who the bad person was. That doesn't happen very often for me.
I have always been drawn to Adam, this man has been through a lot and has come back a stronger person because of it. Jaid is a very strong women and has some of her own secrets, one of them is she has always loved Adam. They had a thing going on 8 years ago when Adam work at the FBI. But Adam felt that the age difference and the fact that he was her boss wasn't the right thing. Although he still had very deep feeling for Jaid.
Adam gets put on the FBI case of the death of his friend who was a Supreme Court Judge, the FBI is not to happy about this, but they have no choice in the mater. Through it you still have someone trying to kill Adam. It is very interesting on how Ms Brant brings this all together to make it work. I really enjoyed this book and the relationship between Adam and Jaid. How Adam fights it at first and then realizes that Jaid is the one for him. I loved seeing past couples come back to help clear Adam's name and to find out what the truth really is.
I am not sure if this is going to be the last book in the series or not, but it looks like Ms. Brant left it open for another book on Jaid's son. I hope this wasn't the last book I really enjoyed it and look forward to more in the series. This books comes out on 8-2-11 and I recieved the Arc through my Romance Group.


Kylie Brant said...

Debra thank you for the review. I'm glad you enjoyed the book! I just wanted to let you know that I've written a prequel to The Mindhunters that details that last case Adam worked for the FBI eight years ago. It's free to subscribers of my newsletter on my site:
I'll be sending out a newsletter in the next few days with the link in it.
Kylie Brant

Debra V said...

I am heading over to your site now to get your newsletter. Not sure how I missed out on that!!!!