Saturday, July 16, 2011

Only Mine, by Susan Mallery

Only Mine, by Susan Mallery  #4 in Fool’s Gold Series
Pub date:  7/26/2011
Rating:  A
Date read:  6/20/2011

Back to Fool’s Gold California for more fun in the sun!  From previous books, we all know that there has been a serious man shortage in Fool’s Gold,  that has managed to make it to the headlines.  As a result of those headlines, a romantic reality show is about to start shooting in town, and Mayor Marsha has offered Dakota Hendrix’s services to oversee the screening of eligible bachelors to be on the show.  So much for her career as a childhood developmental psychologist…..

Twins Sascha and Stephen Andersson are in town with hopes of getting on the show.  They are adorable, quick witted and perfect candidates, who surely will be chosen.  Along comes their older brother Finn, who will do anything to get them back to Alaska to finish their last semester of college.  The boys have their minds made up, and are intent on not returning to Alaska, feeling it’s time they struck out on their own.  Finn has raised them since their parents were killed in a plane crash 8 years ago, and he is determined to see them finish college. 

Finn seeks help from Dakota, who is great with advice on how to handle the twins, but sides with them since they are 21 now and legally adults.  The more Dakota and Finn talk, the more they fall for each other.  Dakota has some medical problems that prohibit her from being able to bear children, so she has applied to adopt, and gets her little girl in the middle of all the goings on in Fool’s Gold with the reality show being filmed.  Finn is comfortable around kids, and takes a liking to little 6 month old Hannah. 

The folks of Fool’s Gold are half of what makes this series so awesome.  They are always there for one another, and are ever present to help Dakota with the adopted baby, as is Finn.  When the reality show is brought to an abrupt halt, what choices will  Sascha and Stephen make?  Not to mention Finn, who has been flying cargo and people around California, which is what he does in Canada.  There is an offer for him to buy in to a company in Fool’s Gold.  Finn is looking to be free of responsibility, with the twins going out on their own.  It’s been a long eight years for him, being responsible for the boys.  Where will it go from  here???   There are still a few more surprises in store for readers of this awesome series. 

Book provided by NetGalley for review.  

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Kelly Lynn said...

One of my favorite parts of this book is Dakota's independence! She's not so stubborn that she can't accept help, but she is a wonderfully capable woman who doesn't NEED Finn to take care of her, but she knows life with Finn could be great. Dakota is such a lovely character with her inner strength and fabulous humor. I hope Montana and Nevada share some of her traits!