Monday, July 25, 2011

Playing Dirty, By Susan Andersen

Rating:  A-, Hot
Book 3 of the Sisterhood Diaries

After a two year wait, we finally have book three of this entertaining series.  Was it worth the wait?  Yes it was!  We are introduced to Cade and Ava in book two.  This book starts out with the memory of the bet Cade made with his pals in their senior year of high school, which was a mean and nasty thing to do.  13 years later, Ava still remembers every little detail of the humiliation Cade put her through. 

Ava currently is a highly successful concierge, and Cade hires her when he rents the Wolcott mansion to film a documentary about the life of  Miss Agnes.  Cade has tried many times during the past 13 years to apologize to Ava for the childish prank he played on her in high school, but she never wanted to hear what Cade had to say.  She was overweight, a fact her mother criticized her for over and over.  Now Ava has shed some pounds, but still has her “fat” moments of doubt.  Cade thinks she is beautiful with all of her curves just the way they are.  It does take Ava a long time to accept Cade’s genuine feelings, and to forgive him for the incident 13 years ago.  Add Cade’s prank to her mother’s machinations, and you can see why Ava has some issues with her looks. 

One of my favorite parts of the book is after Cade interviews Poppy, Jane and Ava, he stops by Ava’s apartment with the film copy so she can see how well the three of them described all the things they did with Miss Agnes.  Cade and Ava watch the film, and Cade is so pleased with the end result, he picks Ava up, swings her around and lays a big kiss on her.  Things get all hot and heavy, until suddenly Ava breaks it off, not wanting to get involved with Cade again, all over that high school incident that she can’t seem to get over.  Cade leaves, but instead of being angry, he is more determined to come up with a plan to win Ava back, because the fire is still there and he’s not going to just let this go.  Rock on Cade! 

There is a bit of mystery too, when Tony the security guard who really isn’t, is plotting on how he can steal the Wolcott diamonds.  He sets a world record for bumbling everything he tries to do! 

One of the things I have enjoyed so much about this series is the characters.  They all have every day faults, but their new found partners help them work their way through these.  Miss Agnes must have been a wonderful woman .  What 12 year old girl wouldn’t want a Miss Agnes in their life?  All of the girls have their self deprecating moments, but they are turned in to moments of humor.  This was a wonderful series, and I am so happy that book 3 made it to print!

Copy provided by NetGalley for review.  

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