Sunday, January 1, 2012

Dylan by C. H. Admirand

Second in a hot contemporary cowboy romance trilogy featuring three brothers desprately trying to save their ranch, and their pride.

Sexy rancher Dylan is temporarily covering his brother's shift at the Lucky Star ladies club when he meets Ronnie DelVecchio, a darkhaired beauty with snapping green eyes. Sparks and tempers fly and Dylan can't resist the urge to see what it would be like to kiss her senseless.

Dylan has taken over working at the strip club where his brother Tyler just left. Dylan meets Ronnie when her friends bring her in to help celebrate her 25th birthday. Dylan's job is to lassoed Ronnie and wheel her in. He does and after taking one look at her Dylan lays a kiss on her. Ronnie is not happy to say the least. Ronnie has just moved her from New Jersey.

Ronnie's business was destroyed by teenagers along with two other businesses in Tyler's book and this book picks up after soon after that. The Garahan brothers are doing what they can to save their family ranch. Dylan does side jobs as a carpenter and unbeknown to Ronnie she has hired him to fix up her shop called the "Guilty Pleasure" in return for her cooking for the three brothers.

I really enjoyed this book -- both Dylan and Ronnie fall for each other immediately. Ronnie is coming off a bad marriage and has problems dealing with her true feeling for Dylan. Ronnie totally married the wrong man in her first marriage because she didn't want to succumb to the "DelVecchio Curse." I should mentioned that the curse is when a DelVecchio woman falls in love with an Irishman and they get married they have a set of twins.

Ronnie comes with a lot of baggage in this book -- she has to overcome her fear that Dylan is no better than her ex. In doing so she saids things that she later regrets and tells herself she is doing what is best. She makes many mistakes in trying to fight her feelings for Dylan and at one time I wanted to slap her in the back of her head.

I have to admit that the sex scenes are hot and well written. Dylan was a true cowboy and his conversation with his dead grandfather had me laughing out loud.

I look forward to reading Jesse's story and I'm dying to see who his "filly" is.

I received this book from Net Galley for an honest review.


Nas Dean said...

Ts for posting this review, now you have me intrigued about Jesse and his filly!

Danielle said...

Me too Nas, I can't wait to read about Jesse!