Sunday, January 15, 2012

Seductive As Flame by Susan Johnson

First, let me say that this book may not be for everyone. Our hero is married --- unhappily but married --- our heroine is not a virgin and there is sex -- plenty of sex. Our hero and heroine are like the EverReady bunny -- they just keep going and going and going.

I have to admit that I had mixed feelings about starting this book -- one thing that I do not approve of is an "open" marriage no matter what the arrangement is. But after meeting the hero's wife in one of the opening scenes and I can see why. Talking about a mean spiteful woman and that is all I'm going to say about her. But it did make wonder why the heck Alex married her.

We first meet Zelda and Alex at the hunting lodge of the Duke and Duchess of Groveland Chase (Fitz and Rosalind from Gorgeous As Sin). What I like about Zelda is tall with magnificent flame-red hair and speaks her mind. Alex takes one look at Zelda and he must have her. At first she fights off her feelings for Alex but lust takes over both of them. Alex has a stepson, Chris who is from his wife's first marriage and she could care less about her son except use him for leverage against Alex. Alex dotes on the child and treats him like his own.

As we read more about Violetta 's character I had never wanted Alex to leave this woman ASAP.

Alex invites Zelda to his hunting lodge along with Chris and Creiggy (his childhood nanny and now Chris's nanny). His entire staff loves Alex and is very protective of him because of the childhood and then the wife he married. His staff also fall in love with Zelda and feel that she is just what he needs.

As the story progress we find out more about his childhood and his fragile mother. When Alex takes Zelda to meet her she feels joy for her son because he is finally finding happiness.

My thoughts on this book -- even though the Alex is married you are rooting for him and Zelda to find love and happiness. In fact Alex never really knew what happiness was, he was loved growing up but his father was not a nice person his staff protected him and would do anything for him and his mother. I love when a "rake" falls and falls hard and that is what happened here. Alex would move heaven and earth for her and he did in the end when he made his divorce go fast with all parties involved. I did like Zelda but sometimes she let her jealousy get to the best of her and I wanted to shake her. The ending to me came to an abrupt end and I would have loved to her seen an epilogue. But I have a sneaking feeling that Ms. Johnson will be writing a book about one of Zelda's brother and it's the end of Alex and Zelda.

I purchased this book for my reading pleasure. Released Date December 6, 2011

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