Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What Is Going On With My Reading?

I thought last year that I read more books than I did in 2010 -- Wrong. After I compared the two totals I realized that I read 19 less books in 2011. I am sitting here wondering WHY!!!! Then it hit me -- I noticed that it is taking me longer and longer to read a book!! Yes, some books I can plow through but other books, even though they are good, I notice are taking me all week to read a 300+ book.
Then I started doing some deep thinking and reality set in. I was watching more TV instead of reading. I also found myself playing more games on the computer, going over and checking my homepage on Facebook and surfing the Internet. What the heck!! I was doing everything except reading and as I sit to write this, I'm wondering how I can get my mojo back and find my love for reading once again. That's right - Dani who has been reading for over 30 years has lost her love for reading.
Keep your fingers crossed everyone, that I can find my love of reading once again!
I can understand what Dani is saying because I am having the same issues!! I did not read half as many books as I did last year or the year before. And I can say I have only one book since Nov and and am half way though a book now that I want to read but just can't can't get into it.
Now with me I know I have some things going on that make me not really want to read, but Dani is right about the same old story lines. How many times can you read them????
Oh well, I guess I will pull out some Julie Garwood or maybe even a Karen Rose's books and see if they can get me back in the mood!!!! Debra
Well, I did read less books in 2011, but the books I read I really loved! I have gotten to the point that I seriously find out all I can about a book prior to buying it, and that worked well for me this past year. I don't mind reading less, as long as I like the book, and am able to give it a good rating. I do have a lot of outside iterests, such as my stitching, my gardens in the summer, volunteering at the hospice, and 3 dogs that need attention, plus my Golden Retriever Rescue group I work with. These things all come in to play when my reading nunbers are down. I have given up the paranormal genre, except for a few favorite authors. All the books started being the same for me! I try to rotate through all the genres, but sometimes get held up with historicals. I only read a very few authors in that genre, but because it's what I cut my teeth on, there isn't much new for me in that area. I sorta feel like if someone were to drop me off at a dock in England, I would know just where to go! That's called overkill! Teri

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