Sunday, March 13, 2011

And this is why I read romance!

As some of you know from different blogs, Fatin Soulfin's husband was killed leaving her with 4 daughters. The man was murdered at his store . Fatin has been a very important member of the romance community as a romance reviewer and just over all supporter of the genre . Well, I was just on Maya Bank's Facebook page and the romance authors are putting together an Online Auction to help Fatin and her girls. Maya is asking what you would like to bid on and she would try to do it. Here is the link to her page:, also this is the link that will show you some of the items up for bid http://operationauction.wordpr
I know there are probably other groups that would do something. But romance always get such a bad rap, yet those authors are always the first to help someone in need. Romance authors and readers are just so much more then what people say we are. Yes people may roll their eyes when we say we read romance, but I know that the romance people really care for others. And I for one proud to say I read romance and I have never been afraid to show my covers!!
Hi, this is Dani. Fatin is in the same yahoo groups that I'm in. She is a wonderful person and I enjoy reading her comments. Teri add: I will be sure to go to Maya's FB page to check out the auction process too. Such a very sad incident. I am a proud romance reader too, and have never been afraid to show my covers! Although it has gotten me in hot water once or twice. ;<}

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