Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Invitation To Ruin, by Brownen Evans

I haven't read a book in awhile that packed such an emotional punch as this book. The hero Anthony was raised by his father, while his twin brother Richard was raised by their mother. Their father was a cold-heart bastard who never showed one ounce of love to Anthony. What Anthony had to endure by his father hands and actions had me in tears. Anthony decided at an early age that he would never marry and provide an heir. He would leave that to his twin. Melissa was also raised with no love by her parents, who ignored her until they needed her. Her brother is a slime ball to end all slime balls. Because of his gambling debts, both Melissa and her brother are staying with their cousin, Cassandra. Anthony and his brother Richard make a bet on who would sleep with Cassandra first. Richard gives Anthony the wrong room. Anthony enters Melissa's room and proceeds to make love to her. Melissa who has been secretly in love with Anthony thinks she's have a "lusty dream." When Anthony realizes his mistake he does the honorable thing and offers marriage. When they are caught by both Melissa's brother and Richard, Anthony agrees to the marriage. Melissa refuses -- she wants to marry for love. After marrying,.Anthony tries to ignore her, but Melissa wants this marriage to work . Anthony leaves Melissa at one of his country estates thinking all of his problems are solved. Anthony finds out that his enemy is now dealing in the "White Slave" market and he is determined to stop him at all costs. His enemy, thanks to the help he receives from Melissa's cousin, kidnaps her and is holding her on one of this ships. When Anthony finds out he races to save her and realizes that he does love her and that he isn't anything like his father. Spoilers: Anthony's father was a slave trader and raised Anthony to have no heart or feelings. Anthony's father forces him to have sex with the 10 year-old slave girl and if he refused he would let his men have their way with her. Anthony does have sex with the girl and his father still gives the girl to his men. Because of this Anthony turns into a cold, hard person. Melissa and her friends attend slave auctions, with the purpose to buy slaves to set them free and help them find jobs. While Melissa is kidnapped she is forced to perform an oral sex act on the villain. This book may not be for everyone due to the slavery theme. I am looking forward to Richard's story. My rating - A-/hot Book was purchased at Borders.com

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Debra V said...

I agree with Danielle, I also read this book and it will not be for everybody. I did enjoy it and read it in one day. The author does bring up things that might upset people and I know I have seen one review where someone thought the first love scene was a rape, I do not agree with that, she thought it was a dream and was responding to him. ANd he was very upset when he found out she wasn't who he thought she was. It does need to be said that Melissa looks a lot like her cousin.

Again the book is very good and I enjoyed it, but it is book some people may not like.