Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The beginning of something new.....

Dani had this wonderful idea - let's start a blog!  Yes Dani, sounds like great fun.  Sooo....6 hours later, we finally have a blog!  I'm not sure right now I have the mental fortitude to make much sense, so I am saving my first reviews for another day.  Someone told me this site was the most user friendly for creating a blog, and it is, but it just takes time.  No now we feel we are ready to go, and can tweak as necessary.  

What Dani and I do is read - a lot!  So we thought we would share our thoughts and our love of books.  I have been reading for 35 years, with a few years off when my kids were younger.  My favorite genres are contemporary romance and romantic suspense, but I will read some paranormals too.  Historicals, a few a year.  I also love to cross stitch, garden, spend time with my kids when they come home from college, and my 3 dogs.  My husband is an avid golfer, so in the summertime I have a lot of time to myself to read!  

This blog doesn't have to be all about books.  As I said, I love to cross stitch and share with fellow stitchers.   Most of our dogs are rescues, and we do some work with Retrieve a Golden of MN.  Annie and Milo both came to us through RAGOM, and I enjoy getting together with our local bunch when we have meet and greets.  

Welcome to anyone that would like to join us out here in the blogospere!


Jan Jaffe said...

Love It Dani

Jan Jaffe said...

Teri and Deb also!! Love it

Teri P said...

Thanks so much Jan! Having this blog is a lot of fun, and provides a fun forum to talk books, which is what we do best! So happy you have joined us.