Thursday, March 3, 2011

Treachery Inn Death, by J.D. Robb

Date Read:  3/2/2011
Rating:  A (5 stars)
Police procedural, futuristic

At times Robb keeps the whodunit close to her vest, and at other times the identity of the killer is known in the first chapter of the book, which is what we have in this story.  In Treachery it is Peabody who hears the murderers confession.  Peabody, wrapped in a towel in the shower at the old gym, two cops enter, arguing over a case they are working.  They are conversing about what amounts to be disclosure of corruption and murder.  Peabody hears them, but from her hiding spot doesn’t see one of the cops, but she got the names. This is big, real big.  Peabody runs to Eve, reports in with what she has heard.  The leader of the ring of crooked cops is Lt. Renee Oberman, daughter of the former retired commander. 

The usual crew is brought in, long with IAB Detective Webster, and Commander Whitney.  We all know when Eve and Webster are thrown together it can get interesting, and does.  Issues from the past come up, they argue and in the end are darn close to being friends again. Webester meets Darcia, who is a police commander off planet, which seems like the start of a new relationship forWebster, and I say it’d about time!  We also see Louise in the end of the book. 

EDD, Feeney and McNabb along with the civilian consultant, aka: Roarke are a huge part of this investigation.  Peabody is the one with a more pivotal role in this outing.  The love and caring Eve and Roarke have for Peabody (and Ian) is very evident in this book.   Eve;s character growth has come a long way.  Her relationships are comfortable, she can actually cry, even if it is only in front of Roarke.  They really have become an awesome couple. 

Here are some of my random thoughts…
After 32 books, I am still trying to figure out who the candy thief is!  They pulled off a good one in this book!

Webster and Darcia – what will come of them?  Something, I hope.

There will be a lot of job openings in Illegals division since those that weren’t killed off ended up doing hard time off planet somewhere.

There you have it.  Book 32.  JD Robb just keeps getting better.  The character growth between this beloved group of people is amazing.  Eve and Roarke are so comfortable with each other, but then Roarke is just an amazing man.    **sigh**      Happily reviewed  for you!      Teri


Debra V said...

We talked about this book last night at our meeting and they said the same thing!! One of the ladies who read the book said she really enjoyed it.

Nikki said...

I really, really liked this book. There were a couple of touching scenes between Eve and Roarke and I loved them. I can hardly wait for the next book. I also like to hear these books on CDs. Susan Erickson does an amazing job reading them.