Saturday, March 5, 2011

Christine Feehan's Savage Nature

I became a fan on Ms Feehan's books in the last year. I read all of her Drake sister books in one week and then I was told to try her shifter books. I love them as much as the Drake sisters. When you read one of Ms Feehan's books you really feel you are there. She makes the books come alive and she leaves you wanting more.

Savage Nature is her new Leopard shifter book. It is set in the swamps outside of New Orleans. Saria is a child of the swamps, she feels at peace there, she feels that it is her home. One night as she is taking photos of some owls, she sees something strange and as she goes in close to see what it is she see's a dead man. It looks like the man has been killed by a leopard. Now she knows that there is strange things going on in the swamps because as a child she saw her brothers shift, although her brothers don't know that she knows this. Saria is very scared that one of her brothers killed this man plus the others that show up later. She knows something bad is going on in her swamp and is not sure who she can trust, so she writes a letter to the owner Jake Bannaconni, Jake has been in past book.

Jake sends in Drake Donovan. Drake is a shifter but hasn't been able to shift for a long time because he had hurt his leg and had a metal pin. He has since had a new surgery to replace the pin with bone, which means he can now shift and he can't wait to try it. When he meets Saria he knows that she is his mate and that she has a leopard waiting to come out. He can not understand how her brothers have missed this in her. Saria feels something in Drake that she doesn't understand, she has a pull towards him that she has had with no other person.

I really liked Drake and Saria, he knew what she was and he was willing to go slow with her, to help her work out her leopard and not force the issue. I love how she refers to her leopard as a hussy when she is around Drake, I love how Drake gets mad at her brothers for not being there for her. He understands that she knows the swamps better then he does and doesn't leave her behind because he knows he can't get through the swamps without her.

The story is very good and really keeps you guessing as to what is happening. You have a leopard lair that is falling apart and needs new leadership and poor Drake becomes the new alpha. You have Saria who doesn't know that she is a shifter and trying to understand the changes that are happening to her, and a man who knows she is his mate and won't let her go, but knows she will always be happiest in the Swamp.

I really enjoyed this story and I want more!!! I want to know what happens with her brothers, or the members of Drake's team. I was lucky and got this book as a ARC, it will be released on April 26, 2011 by Jove books. If you enjoy Ms Feehan's shifter books you are going to enjoy this one.

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Lisa Jo @ Once Upon A Chapter said...

Glad you enjoyed it!

I've been a fan of Feehan forever (or at least it seems like it!) and love this series.

Although I just finished the last installment of her GhostWalker series and didn't enjoy it as much as the previous novels. But not all of them can be fantastic! lol

Lisajo85 @ Once Upon A Chapter