Friday, March 4, 2011

My Rant

Okay, they say there's a sucker born every minute -- well, I guess I'm one! I was excited to see that Lora Leigh was writing a short story called Enigma, which was a prologue for Live Wire. Imagine my surprise that instead of the book being FREE it was being sold for $.99 cents. I said "HUH -- for a 41 page book??" Okay, what's .99 cents. I decided to wait until Live Wire came out before reading Enigma. On Tuesday I downloaded Enigma on my reader and read it in about half hour. As I'm reading it, I'm shaking my head at all the errors in the book --one minute Tehya was 22, on another page she was 20 when she joined the Elite Group -- jump forward six years and she's 28, or wait - now she's 30! And just how old is Tehya? Hard to figure that one out with all the inconsistent ages going back and forth. Why can't Lora Leigh keep the ages straight? If she's writing a series wouldn't she do a timeline of some kind? But that's not why I'm a sucker -- I'm a sucker because Wednesday when I came home from work, got all cozy on my couch, I started reading Live Wire and went -- "what the heck -- the prologue was the same prologue that I paid .99 cents for!!" I was so upset that if I had the actual book in my hand instead of the ebook, I would have thrown it across the room. How could St. Martin's Press and Lora Leigh do this to their loyal readers? How can they have the nerve to charge for a prologue, knowing it was going to be in the book? Well like they say there's a sucker born every minute but this sucker just learned her lesson. All I can say is shame on you St. Martin's Press and Lora Leigh -- trust me I will never buy a "Prologue" or "short story" again.

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Teri P said...

Speaking of rants, and publisher/author rip offs, how about Cheyenne McCray and her Armed and Dangerous series?

Let me start out by stating that I wish the note to readers in the front of Kade’s book would have been made available before I purchased this book. I thought I was reading a new book, and the copyright date in the book says 2010. However, this is one of Cheyenne McCray's "Wild" books, "Wild Borders" to be precise, published first as an e-book, then in trade paperback from Ellora's Cave.

This is the 3rd book in her Armed and Dangerous series, and after getting all of the original "Wild" books out of storage, they are simply all rewritten and the characters names have all been changed for the Armed and Dangerous series. I would suggest that if this author continues to rewrite books, and rename her characters, then they should have some giveaway that you are not purchasing a new book. How can you slap a 2010 copyright date on a book that was published under a different name in 2003? You have a new publisher, so that makes it OK to do this?

Will I read the next book? No, it will be another new and improved version of her last "Wild" book. I have already paid for this series in (1)E-book format from Ellora’s Cave (2) trade paperback from Ellora's Cave, and (3) the first 3 books in trade paperback from St. Martin’s now known as the Armed and Dangerous series. Enough is enough!